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The Admin Account
When you first setup QuickBooks, it requires you to setup your "Admin" account and login.

This account is designed for only five basic purposes:
1) Setting up and managing user accounts
2) Setting Company Preferences
3) Setting a Closing Date and password
4) Overriding the closing date message, and allowing the transaction
5) Importing and Exporting lists

Too often clients use this account for all daily operations, and it SHOULD NOT be used this way !

In addition, the 4th use above should not ever be an option, but if you are logged in as the default "Admin" regardless if you changed the name from "Admin", you can override the closing date warning with the password, and make changes to an already closed accounting period.

Doing this is just as wrong as never setting a closing date, because this is why the reports will change later, your sales tax liabilities will often change, and why some CPAs do not approve of QuickBooks.

The next step is to setup the users that will be logging into QuickBooks including yourself, and assigning their access rights.

Special Note:
This user setup is for QuickBooks Pro and Premier, and not for Enterprise. Pro-Premier versions have limited restriction options, whereas Enterprise has very robust and task driven restriction options.

[This is covered in advanced programs]